Gold Run Cove


IS 13 July 2014

8:00 am Start

The course features a 1600/800m swim, 40/20k road bike and an 10/5k run. The swim is a spectator-friendly, out and back course, in a protective cove in scenic Deerfield Lake. The ride climbs from Gold Run Trailhead up Deerfield Road back towar Hill City.The ride is hilly at the begining and end so speeds can get high. After descending back to Gold Run Trailhead, the racers go on an out and back run that takes them back out on to Deerfield Road briefly as the turn right on to Gillette Prairie Rd. This is a well maintained gravel road that goes in front of the campground for senic and peaceful run.

Deerfield Reservoir is located 20 miles west of Hill City, SD. The Bureau of Reclamation manages the dam and water. Castle Creek flows into and out of the reservoir and provides additional fishing opportunities. The complex has three campgrounds, two boat launches, two picnic areas and the Deerfield Lake Loop Trail (Trail #40L). Travel on the reservoir is limited to five miles per hour and there is a no-wake restriction which provides for peaceful fishing and boating experiences.

DISTANCES TO Deerfield Lake, SD 15 Miles West of Hill City, SD

CHEYENNE, WY- Hill City: 296 miles 5 hours

BISMARCK, ND- Hill City: 367 miles 6.5 Hours

SIOUX FALLS, SD- Hill City: 388 miles, 6.5 Hours

DENVER, CO - Hill City: 400 miles, 7.5 hours

BOZEMAN, MT - Hill City: 520 miles, 8.5 hours

LINCOLN, NE - Hill City: 565 miles, 9.5 hours

FARGO, ND - Hill City : 618 miles 9.75 hours

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Hill City: 650 miles, 10.5 hours

DES MOINES, IA - Hill City, SD: 670 miles, 10.5 hours

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - Hill City: 650, 10.5 hours

WINNIPEG, MB - Hill City: 835 miles, 13 hours